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Passion Radio 35 Years and Beyond!

December 13, 1988 is when KPCL FM first went on the air!
God has been so good and faithful and You have kept this ministry on the air!
We are very grateful and we are celebrating the changed lives and continued outreach of the
Passion Radio Network

The Passion Radio Network

Proclaiming Christ's Love From the Four Corners of the United States
to the Four Corners of the World

The  Passion Radio Network began in December of 1988
when KPCL 95.7 FM went on the air 

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The Right Song at the Right Time

Passion Radio Network is here for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week with uplifting music that points people to Jesus and His love and forgiveness.  We have seen God change lives through the words and music that are broadcast each and every day on Passion Radio.  We are Proclaiming Christ's Love from the Four Corners of the United States to the Four Corners of the World. 


These are the talented individuals that you love to listen to on the  Passion Radio Network 
Alice Norton
Alice Norton Navajo Hour 5 am daily
Fareed Ayoub
Fareed Ayoub The Daybrightener M-F 8 am
Heather Hocker-Sutherland
Heather Hocker-Sutherland Community Calendar


Kevin and Taylor M-F 4 am, 6 to 8 am Mountain Time
Penny Keep the Faith
Kim Fitz
1:00 PM Weekdays

Studio Location

Office Hours
Monday through Friday 9:30 am to 5 pm

About Us

The Passion Radio Network began when KPCL FM 95.7 FM went on the air in December of 1988.  KPCL (Proclaiming Christ's Love) is 100,000 Watts in power and along with its translators reaches throughout the  Four Corners area and encompasses the Navajo Indian Reservation.    

KTGW 91.7 FM went on the air 1999  KTGW is 20,000 Watts KTGW (Teaching God's Word) broadcasts the best in Bible teaching and Christian talk .

KLJH 107.1 FM went on the air in 2006  High atop Missionary Ridge in Colorado.  It is a 100,000 Watt station at 10,000 Feet in Elevation.  KLJH stands for LIfting Jesus Higher!