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Monthly donation, renews automatically each year Make a monthly pledge. More than 300 listeners are Giving Members to Passion Radio Network, giving $60/monthly. In order for Passion Radio Network to be fully funded it takes over 1,000 Giving Members pledging $60/month. As a listener-supported ministry, your monthly support will truly change lives for Christ.

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  • Donate by phone (505) 327-7202
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The Passion Radio Mission

We can all carry forth Christ’s mission in the world! Over 100,000 people sit under the three Passion Radio broadcast signals in the Four Corners region, not to mention the folks across the state and nation listening in online too.  But getting the message of Christ’s love to thousands of people who’ve never heard about Jesus takes investors, just like you. If just 10 people would become Giving Member Supporters ($30/month), the online stream could be completely paid for!  That’s like reaching over 100,000 people with the love of Christ for just $1 each day!  Would you pray about becoming one of the 10?  Or if you’re ready now to equip this ministry to reach New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona with the Gospel, both over the air and online, just click Donate Now.

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Your faithful support of Passion Radio Network will enable us to deliver life-changing music and programming to the Four Corners!  Just click Donate Now. Would you consider becoming part of our Giving Member Supporters – listeners that give $30/month?  Giving Member Supporters givers are really the backbone of the funding that keeps Passion Radio Network on the air every day of the year. Just click Donate Now. It’s only through the generous support of listeners like you that we have been on the air continuously since 1988. In that time we’ve expanded from one station, KPCL 95.7 Passion, to three total stations broadcasting hit Christian Music, quality family programs all day every day. Through your support we have also increased our broadcast range to the entire Four Corners and much of the Navajo Reservation reaching even more souls with the good news of Jesus Christ. Or if you’d rather, your special gift of $100, $500 or even $1,000 will make a huge difference, enabling the broadcast to flow smoothly without interruption.  Just click Donate Now.

Any gift invested with Passion Radio Network results in changed lives for Jesus Christ.

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