A Boost For My Heart

I have a relatively stressful job, and it’s great to get into the car and turn the radio to worship music. I cannot pick out one song that always gets to me, it’s just the music in general that reminds me that God is here to comfort and support me always.

My commute to work is so short, I usually pray when I’m driving, but when I need a spiritual “pick me up”, I turn to KPCL 95.7 – it’s my number one choice. I was an atheist up until I was age 22. I accepted Jesus a few years ago. I started listening to KPCL 95.7 at work and it has helped me to grow in my faith. It’s a huge blessing in my life!

KPCL 95.7 has brought me closer to God and strengthened my faith. It also inspired me to get involved in the music ministry at my church. I love being able to share my voice with others and minister to others in song.

KPCL 95.7 has been there for me whenever I needed it. The station always brings songs of hope and joy when I had none. It’s amazing to always be able to turn on the radio and hear the songs. It’s like getting a huge hug from God every single day.

I’ve been a believer all my life. But, as most believers we get our ups and downs. On my down days, I recognize that I am down because my focus is on everything but God. KPCL 95.7 brings my focus and my heart back to where it belongs.

My heart gets a boost every time I turn on the radio. I want others to be able to hear the heart-boosting, spirit-lifting lyrics. I believe that KPCL 95.7 is important. I give monthly and I wish I could give more each month. Maybe there will be others like me who can give a little. I pray there are. Where would we be without KPCL 95.7?

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